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Construction and Landscaping

We Advice, Sell and Distribute Aggregates
to Business and Private Customers
for Construction and Landscaping Projects

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Product Information

To know what product gets your job done, learning about the products are essential. Pictures, descriptions, guides, densities, are the product information we provide for you.

Local Supply

We deliver locally, or we do not deliver at all. Short distance keep transport cost low and is environmentally friendly.

Instant Pricing

We supply prices immediately using pricelists to provide an optimal experience. Calculating quotes may be required on special requests.

Easy Ordering

Select your products, drop them in the virtual shopping cart and check out. Ordering made as easy as possible.

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Our Mission

We want to make it easy to look up prices and order Aggregates, our mission began in 2010.
We have delivered to more than 30.000 different customers. A wide range from micro amounts to larger projects.

We try hard to provide top of the class support and service. Most of our customers are satisfied.
We make every effort to solve any unexpected problems, to end up with a satisfying experience.

We must create customers who want to buy again, to run a sustainable business.


The Aggregates we have delivered, have been used in many different projects, for many different purposes.


Currently operating in the following countries Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the United States.
Contact us if your interested in these areas or expansion into new territories.

Become a Supplier

Our customers are everywhere, and they demand Aggregates.
If you deliver any type of Aggregates, sign up to supply to our customers in your local area.
Our customer is our customer. We pay you, we instruct you, you deliver.

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